Muslim-friendly Korea

It is not easy for Muslim travelers to find appropriate food or prayer rooms in a non-Islamic country. If you are concerned about cultural inconveniences during your travel to Korea, please make use of the following information provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), which is doing its best to make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination.

Muslim-Friendly Restaurant

The Korea Tourism Organization categorized Muslim-friendly restaurants so that Muslim tourists can conveniently dine in Korea. Only restaurants that meet strict requirements have been selected and categorized into 4 groups

Muslim-friendly Restaurant Categories

halal certified in halal food korea

Halal Certified

Restaurant is certified by an accredited halal certification agency such as Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).

self certified in halal food korea

Self Certified

All food are halal. Restaurant is certified as halal by Muslim restaurant owners themselves.

muslim friendly in halal food korea

Muslim Friendly

Some halal dishes are provided. Alcohol may be sold.

pork free in halal food korea

Pork Free

Restaurant does not offer halal menu, but does not use pork. Alcohol may be sold.

Pictograms: In each category, the following pictograms were used to show detailed restaurant information.





muslim owner/chef

Muslim Ower/chef

halal menu available

Halal menu available

reservation required for halal menu

Reservation required for Halal menu

Alcohol free


pork free


Hotel restaurants/buffets categorized into “Muslim-friendly” may serve dishes that contain pork.

Prayer Room

To make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) encourages local governments and tourist attractions to prepare a space for prayer. Prayer mats and Quibla compasses have been distributed by KTO to hotels with multi-faith/prayer rooms.