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Seoul City Tour Bus

Seoul City Tour Bus

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introduction halal in Korea Introduction

Seoul City Tour Bus
Our company was established in 1993. We are the first travel agency who developed the honey moon travel route. It includes Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, Phuket, Australia, New Zealand and so on.

The Seoul City Tour Bus was operated in 2000. We have gathered Seoul’s popular attractions and shopping venues into one package. Choose the best time and course that suit your needs. Hop On , Hop Off Tour, It is safe and comfortable. Each rider is provided with individual headsets to listen to the tourism guides in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. A single City Tour pass guarantees an affordable and memorable tour of Seoul. Seoul Tiger Bus is the sub-brand of the Seoul City Tour Bus. Because the Korean peninsula looks just like a tiger, this is the origin of the Seoul Tiger Bus. We can survive and develop even in harsh environment like the tiger.

halalroad address icon Address

302Ho, 135-7, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

halalroad info icon Contact

Gwanghwamun. +82.2.777.6090
DMZ CS Center. +82.2.777.7788
Seoul station. +82.2.363.6091
Youngsan station. +82.2.749.7900
Gangnam station. +82.10.7444.6090

halalroad time icon Opening Hours

A : Gwanghwamun boarding 09:00-19:30 (Interval: 30 min)
B : Boarding Gwanghwamun or boarding at Gangnam Station 09:30-18:31 (Interval: 70 min)
C : Gangnam Station boarding 10:10-18:40(Interval: 60-70 min)
D : Gwanghwamun boarding 19:30 (Once a day)