We have seen many Muslim travelers who have visited Korea suffer a lot of inconvenience due to the lack of information related to Korean halal. We also know that Muslims living in Korea have to spend a lot of time and effort on halal-related facilities that are concentrated in the Seoul metropolitan area. Halalroad has been launched to reduce these inconveniences. Launched in May 2019, the project proved its value and efforts by being named the Korea Tourism Organization's Prospective Tourism Business Ventures ... in October 2019 and will evolve into a comprehensive online platform for Muslims to explore Korea easily and comfortably. Through Halalroad, we provide information on halal restaurant, hot place, and shopping as well as information on halal and Haram food in Korea and essential information between prayer room and airway. In addition, the Halal online shopping mall, which can be delivered anywhere in the country within two to three days, will be a great service for Muslims living in Korea as well as Muslim tourists who want to cook their own dishes. We will continue to update content, expand scope, and continue to innovate so that Muslims can experience fun and free while traveling or living in Korea.

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As the only online platform for Muslim/Halal travel in the country, Halalroad awaits your opinions and advice. If there are any errors or errors in the content provided by Halalroad, please Contact Us at any time. Halalroad will grow with you.

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